Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cleaner, Keep your computer clean

Nowadays, There are many people that use computer every day. Every time we use computer, computer made many files that not vey important. More and more often we use computer then more and more junk files created. if it’s keep in your computer, it’s can make computer more slowly. If you use internet on your computer, there are more and more junk files created and it’s make your computer more slowly. There are a software that you can download this software for free.
Cleaner is the problem solver for this problem. Cleaner is a free software that developed by Perform Ltd. Cleaner working by searching junk files in your computer and then you can clean with easy. Cleaner work by find history files, cache files, log files, temporary files and other files that not important for your computer. Besides the thing that i describes previous times, Cleaner also can find registry problem and you also can fix this problem by easy. 
You can download Cleaner in this link below :

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