Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reasons of slow internet

Slow internet is one of the major causes which can hamper the pace of any business. Such slow internet speed can be caused due to any issues like configuration problems, interference in the wireless and broadband.

Causes why internet does not perform normally are:
  1. ActiveX controls
    Slow internet can also be caused due to the activation of Activex control which implies that the users can’t see a page due to some inactive settings.So, the users can remove the settings for these controls by downloading an internet Explorer patch of Microsoft and hence get rid of the problem of slow internet.  Reboot your computer after this patch has been downloaded on the PC.
  1. Viruses and spyware
    Slow internet connection can also be generated due to many kinds of issues like installation of viruses and spyware on your computer. Sometimes, the programs installed on the computer along with its memory, space of the hard disk also cause slow internet speed. Spyware installed on the computer can also be removed through deleting these programs through the PC’s control panel.
    The reason why the installation of spyware on the PC generates slow internet speed is because such software has a tab of all the online activities of a user. In fact the keystrokes of a user which imply the way he employs internet are included in his internet behavior. You must have reboot your computer many times in order to improve the performance of internet. But this can’t have any impact because slow internet speed is produced due to reasons like presence of several spyware on the PC.
  1. Number of operating applications
    Sometimes, use of several applications at once is also because of slow internet behavior. In that scenario, reboot your computer to remove the factor of slow internet speed.
  1. Browser settings
    Sometimes, the browser settings also have an impact in terms of slow internet pace. This can happen when the computer’s browser has many add-ons in terms of search extensions and programs for opening special documents.
    So, the user should remove all these add-ons in order to remove slow internet behavior. After removal of the add-ons, again reboot your computer in order to restore normal internet behavior.
  1. Router settings
    The kind of internet tool employed by the user also decides his internet performance. You can reboot your computer after adjusting these settings. These settings can also be affected by any physical obstruction between the modem and your PC.
    Sometimes, internet connections are slow from the service provider itself, so nothing can be done. Router settings can also be changed to make compatible with those desired by the internet service provider.
  1. Internet settings
    Reboot your computer option is tried by many people to remove the slow internet functionality, but it is not relevant for a low internet speed. A user can also reduce the days for which the history of web pages is stored. Just reboot your computer again after the number of days for which the page history is reduced to one. Encrypted pages which require user ids and passwords to be stored can also produce sluggish internet behavior. So, don’t save these pages in history. We provide competent solutions to remove the problem of slow internet.

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