Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Repair Windows XP Without Formatting Your PC

“When our system encounters an error we normally opt to choose to just format our disk and prepare another clean installation of Windows and all of our programs. But engaging to that process of bringing Windows back to life is a pain especially for beginners. But did you know that just repairing your Windows can spare you to those agony. You don’t have to worry about anything it will not wipe anything on your computer like formatting will. When I diagnose a computer problem formatting has always been my last option. There are still lots of things to do to repair it without the need of formatting your disk. If you suspect that there is a problem with your Windows system files you can simply try to repair it before resorting to formatting. Here is the step by step instruction to repair your Windows XP installation without formatting your PC.

1. First, insert your bootable Windows XP in your CD/DVD drive.
2. Restart your computer
3. When it ask you to press any key to boot from CD, Press any key on your keyboard. Proceed to step 6. 4. If it doesn’t ask you, then restart your computer again.
5. Go to the BIOS settings of your computer, usually by pressing the delete key or F1, F2, F10 function   keys, varies from different computers. Once inside the bios, you need to change the boot options. Change the primary boot option to CDRom. Save and exit.
6. A Blue screen will appear… just like the one you see below. repair windows xp How to Repair Windows XP Without Formatting Your PC.


7. Choose “To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER” Do not choose to Repair yet.
8. It will then display your existing Windows XP copy. Make sure that is selected like you see below.


9. Choose to Repair the selected Windows XP installation by pressing the letter R key on your keyboard.
10. Your windows will run to it’s usual installation process, however, it is a lot quicker this time. But don’t panic it will not wipe your files, it will just repair your system.
11. At some point you will be ask to enter the serial number and restart the computer.
12. When it finishes the setup your files will still be there but the Windows errors you had will not.”

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