Thursday, June 23, 2011

Problems with Windows Installer

Microsoft has introduced many facilities for its user’s, one of which is the Windows updates. Such updates are provided both for the internet explorer and the version of the Microsoft Windows. In fact, all kinds of application software which are used under the Microsoft windows package are also given updates under the MS update service. The definition of Windows Installer states that it’s a software package which is applied for the setup, upkeep and deletion of software in all the Microsoft based operating systems. The set up information for all the software is contained in the form of relational databases.

Computer updates are very critical for users because they help them in using the PC more effectively. The security and malware issues of the PC are solved through such updates. For example, Microsoft sends security related computer updates to its users so that they can’t lose usability of the operating system due to any new software. In fact, some errors can also be solved by taking some of the Microsoft updates. Computer updates are installed for applications like Microsoft office, Microsoft Expression Studio and Windows Live.

Such computer updates are only set up when you have internet connectivity but they can also be set up without such connection. Computer updates can be checked in operating systems like Windows 7 and Vista through a control panel. But, for earlier types of Windows, these computer updates can be downloaded manually by the user by accessing the website of Windows updates.

The users can also check all the computer updates which are newly installed on the system. So, they can delete them if they don’t find their usage compatible with their current settings.

Windows Installer is required for the set up and deletion of any software on an MS operating system. So when there is any corruption with the Windows Installer utility, the updates cant be set up properly. It also becomes tough to install any external software when this Windows Installer becomes corrupt.

Windows encourages such use because it knows that in this manner the database of all kinds of software set up on the system will be compatible with each other. The problems of installation of windows related component arise because Windows Installer settings need some adjustment. So, in these problems, the Windows Installer file may not be found during the installation or it might not exist. Sometimes, any problem with the Windows Installer file can also cause installation troubles.

Windows Installer also causes issues while deleting a program, so its important to verify whether the program is employed by a user which is not allowing its deletion. We at Complete PC Pedia, provide users with all the information if any error in set up of any program or computer updates is seen because of trouble with Windows Installer. With our tutorials the users don’t need to mess up much with deletion or use of any program due to Windows Installer issues.

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