Thursday, June 23, 2011

History Of Apple OS

Mac was introduced starting with System 3.0. It officially uses the filesystem HFS without any different between uppercase and lowercase letters.

The integrated MultiFinder was found in the System 5.0.

In 1988, the first version namely System 6 was introduced in the market. It required RAM of 1MB that can be extended up to 8MB and hard disks up to 2 GByte with 65,536 files. It includes applications like multi Finder, MacWrite II, WriteNow and Microsoft Word 4.0.

System 7 appeared in May 1991. It needed minimum of 2 MB RAM. It had a direct support for networks with AppleScript used as scripting language, for file exchange and display of colors

System 7.5 was available in 1994 with a requirement of at least four MB RAM.

With the release of System 7.6 in 1997, Apple changed the name of this OS to Mac OS.

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