Friday, June 24, 2011

Are you irritated with the computer keeps freezing error?

These days, the use of computers has increased to unprecedented levels. The users need computers to carry out so many daily level functions normally.

The computer keeps freezing or PC crash error however impediments the normal use of these machines for some time.

Blue screen of death
A  PC crash situation just consists of a blue screen of death which suddenly appears or the computer programs becoming non responsive.  The users can however combat this error quite easily instead of panicking and stopping working on computers for many days. This PC crash error which contains a blue screen of death is extremely perplexing for any user because it plays havoc with his/her needs. He can’t work on the computer as intended and complete the work on time. The computer screen resumes normally after the computer is restarted, but all the unsaved work before the PC crash is gone or deleted.

He/she can lose so much critical work saved on the machine. Now, there can be many reasons why you have met with a blue screen of death on your PC?
  • Too much employment of programs at once
  • Low RAM
The user can avoid the problem of PC crash by using fewer programs simultaneously on the PC. Either you can minimize the usage of the programs to avoid this PC crash situation or can opt for a higher RAM which allows higher program usage. This computer keeps freezing situation occurs because the user puts an excessive load on RAM through his program usage.
Its also important to repair some wrecked registry files which are caused by a faulty deletion or addition of programs. Once the registry is repaired, no more blue screen of death is caused.

Using so many programs altogether
When , the PC crash situation does not contain the blue death screen and just involves the stoppage of the computer functions altogether, the user can easily get rid of this computer keeps freezing situation by logging on to the task manager and stopping the erroneous program. The computer keeps freezing situation is just caused by a computer program that froze. 
The only way a user can minimize this computer keeps freezing situation, where because of a single non responding program, the entire computer set up refuses to work up permanently, is to delete some of the extra unused programs stored on the PC. In this computer keeps freezing scenario, the user presses the mouse and the keyboard, but there is no response. Restarting the PC in this scenario means removing all the work that was not saved.
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