Monday, June 6, 2011

How to quickly fix pc errors

Fixing pc errors is time consuming problem, but not if you are using time-saving computer program to solve it. It does cost us our valuable time and money, not to mention the valuable data and programs lost (if serious).

You can now totally avoid the headache with simple, easy to use softwares. But you would ask? Why do I need a software to tackle these problems? Does not windows come up with its own diagnostic and system restore software? True, but if you really need a thorough job of solving and you do not want any re-occurance of similar problems in future, you have to use diagnostic softwares which I am discussing here below.
You may also argue that this software costs money, but compare the loss of time and money, when you call in for a hardware engineer and he charges you for his work. As you will see below, the money invested in the below diagnostic software is very economical and well worth the tiny investment. Also as time passes you yourself will become aware of many of the problems with windows environment, and you will become an expert and slowly these problems will diminish itself as time evolves. (You become aware of the cause of why pc errors occur)

Nowadays, software programs to instantly solve pc errors has grown tremendously.There are hundreds maybe innumerable types of computer errors that can not be solved by a common pc guy. All this can be annoying and frustrating for most pc users. Many times, it can lead to loss of your valuable data, lead to system crash and system hangs.
While there are many errors, the reasons behind them are limited. We will take each one of them below :-
1. Computer Virus : Viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, popups, hackers, malware are just bad computer programs which infects mainly application and system files (these days viruses infect more than just system application files) and do more harm than good. You must have a good original antivirus software installed on your pc. I personally recommend microantivirus, which is a complete antivirus software, quite effective, fast & affordable. Also here is another one, antivirusprotector. You can even get a trial software to download.
2. Registry, FAT and OS problems : In addition to installing an antivirus software, you must have a good utility to solve common windows registery problems, disk fragmentation and software problems.
Here is one good Error Doctor Software.

If you look and study your pc, you will see that this small pc is a tremendous resources of machine language codes and programs with records of files and folders in it. To correctly locate and find a file or folder, the system arranges these with an index file called FAT (short for File Allocation Table) If this file get corrupt, then the entire files, folders with all its data, OS, System Files everything get corrupt and the system crashes and in most cases the data is lost. (There are many data recovery softwares available today to retrieve your data)
If you want a free scan trial, go here to registry fix.
To make sure you don't get these errors again, we have to use these diagnostic softwares. I have already mention 2-3 here. You may choose any one of them. They are good reputable softwares and moreover they are economical and work as promised. Installing a full featured software will solve your pc error nightmare once and for all. Peace is assured and you continue to get more power from your pc.

There is one more registry error killer software. Get a trial version here.

There are many software available for free on the internet. These are trial and evaluation versions. They might scan your system, identify its problems but may not correct the errors in its entirety. They will not have their full features enabled. You will have to go for paid full feature versions of the software to be sure that you solve these errors quickly and permanently. Most softwares available on the market are affordable and full of features. 

3. PC Hardware problems : 80% - 90% of the time there is a software problem that causes an error in your pc. But occassionally or rarely there might be a problem with your hardware. But you won't know it right away unless the problem is obvious. You must run the above software utility to diagnose the problem. If after running the software, the problem is not solved, then the problem might be a hardware problem. You could consider calling a hardware engineer. We could help you, if you are based in Mumbai. Call us for your computer hardware or software problems, or if you help telephonic help for your pc errors.
So download your diagnostic software and make sure that your system is crash proof and error proof. Happy computering.

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