Thursday, June 23, 2011

History and introduction of MAC Operating System

Apple is a leading American multinational corporation, which is well-known for its creation of Macintosh Operating System. Mac OS is advanced OS developed in 1984, which is immensely popular for its graphical user interface.

In the early years of the Macintosh, efforts were made by Apple to make users find it easy to use and to distinguish it from other operating systems. During this stage, system software was actually stored in ROM. As a result, Apple dealers provided its updates, free of charge on floppy disk. As a result, the requirement for storing advanced GUI OS in the ROM was eliminated with its mounting disk storage capacity and performance.

Some of the advanced applications added in this operating system are audio and video editing, professional graphic, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, MacWrite, 3D games and so on. Even, wide choice of browsers is offered with this application software, which includes Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, iCab and Netscape.

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