Friday, June 24, 2011


Intranet is an internal private network usually employed by organizations which uses TCP/IP protocol for networking. Organizations generally use Intranet for their daily working, Intranet operates on LAN and the computers connected via Intranet can’t be accessed from outside.

Intranet works with almost Internet like functionality with private e-mail systems and message boards. Many advanced Intranet systems have websites, newsgroups, forums and large databases which are required for the company’s business. Intranet which resides behind firewall protects any unauthorized access.

If an organization wishes to give controlled access to someone outside it might use Extranet for that purpose. Extranet are the extension of the private networks for sharing limited resources with clients and other organizations.

For computers in an organization to be connected via Intranet, it is not at all necessary for them to be connected to the Internet.

Advantages of the Intranet

As mentioned before there are organizations around the world which use private Intranet as it helps them to enhance their productivity, as it allows the employees to access any information and communicate anytime.

Since the information is readily available it saves them lot of time. Intranet can also be linked to company’s management information system. The MIS systems inside the company are designed for simplification of the company’s accounting and resource management policies. These systems facilitate the flow of information to and from all the levels in the company.

Many departments in various organizations like human resources, sales, accounting etc use Intranet to coordinate work and various processes with other departments.

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