Friday, June 24, 2011

Registry restore - Is it enough to repair a broken PC?

In the modern century, computers with their huge functionalities are the most needed tools in our lives. Now, broken PC or computer freezing can be caused due to many reasons which include installation of any kind of third party software. The user needs to analyze the issues caused such a broken PC in the first place. With a broken PC, the work of the company ceases to happen for many days.

Major causes of a broken PC are:

Installation of some improper software Any unknown third party softwares sometimes plays with the settings of your computer which can cause a broken PC issue. In case, the set up of software caused such broken PC problems, it's better to remove it for restoring the normal PC performance.

Overheating Sometimes, electrical problems with the PC can also be cause of a broken PC. Another cause of such broken PC situation is the overheating of the computer’s motherboard. When the motherboard is heated due to excessive and extended use of the computer, the computer can’t function normally. When the computer overheats, it’s because the fan present in the PC has some built up dust which makes it function improperly. So, as a result, the computer overheats, every time you use it causing it to crash after some time and this becomes a broken PC situation. Sometimes, the broken PC issue is also caused due to wrong placement of the RAM in the CPU of the PC. Adjusting its position can cause the PC crash. But, if it does not, then it’s better to replace RAM so that further broken PC issue is not caused because of its defective nature.
So, to remove the broken PC problem, just remove this accumulated dust from the computer which was not allowing the fan to function.

Registry faults The registry of the computer may also develop some problems which can cause a broken PC. In such a situation, the user has the simplest option of introducing some modifications in the registry for registry restore. Complete PC Pedia provides you the required registry restore steps so that your PC continues to function perfectly and doesn't cause any more broken PC situations.

Instead of the registry restore, the users can also opt for a disk defragmenter function which again fragments the hard disks of the PC and protects your computer from broken PC situation. Since this registry restore method causes the data in these drives to be stored elsewhere, its better to take its backup. Registry restore is an easy solution because it ensures that the registry is able to enable a proper performance of the computer. Such registry restore steps involve accessing the registry, changing the value of the relevant key or even creating a new key so that the program functions correctly. Its important to take the back up of the registry when you attempt to carry out registry restore steps on your own. You can also any good registry cleaner software to prevent you from any broken PC problems.

Registry restore can be easily enabled by using simple commands in the cmd box. Registry restore process should never be attempted by a computer user without proper guidance. In the absense of computer help, you can rely on any good registry cleaner software that helps you clean all the un-necessary files from the registry on a single click.

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