Monday, June 6, 2011

Computer Hardware Problem – Top 3 Warning Signs of Hard Disk Failure

Computer hardware problems can range from being harmless to catastrophic. A hard disk failure is one of the most serious hardware problems. It’s something that cannot be taken lightly because the data on the disk could be lost forever depending on the severity of the damage. Hard disk failure can occur instantly without notice and other times it can happen over time. Usually there are warning signs when a hard disk is failing over time.

I’m going to show you some warnings signs that your hard disk may be on its way out. It’s always good practice to back up your data to secondary storage before your hard disk crashes.
Warning Sign #1: Clicking or tapping noise coming from the hard drive
A computer hardware problem is imminent if you start hearing a clicking or tapping noise coming from your hard drive especially when first turning on your pc or retrieving a file. This is a really bad sign that your hard drive is dying. When you hear such unusual noises you should immediately back up your data.
Warning Sign #2: Computer is running unusually slow
Hard disk failure is a possibility if your computer is running slow and the slowness cannot be resolved through general maintenance tasks. If you already tried the following: scanned for viruses, remove temporary files and unused programs, check for software problems, defragment your disk and your computer is still slow it’s possible that the hard drive is failing.
Warning Sign #3: Files mysteriously disappeared
If you are missing some files that you know for sure the files were there and nobody deleted them, it’s possible that your disk may have some bad sectors. Your missing files may be sitting on the bad sectors. When your disk has bad sectors this is a sure sign of malfunction.
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