Friday, June 24, 2011

System32.dll Error

System32.dll error might occur on your windows based PC due to various reasons. DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files are those files which are shared by a number of applications. These files cannot run directly but are called by other files which are already executing. So if any one Windows DLL file gets corrupt then there could be other program or application dependent on this particular file which might also not work properly.

Now coming back to Windows system32.dll error, this might occur due to particular file being damaged, file being removed or relocated. This error might also occur at the time of system recovery, causing the whole system to shut down abruptly and leaving the user clueless about the error.

How to fix system32.dll error?

The Windows registry can be one of the sources of the .dll errors. You can fix this error by cleaning the registry via registry cleaner.
Download a replacement for system missing system32.dll file from the Internet. In this way you can replace the existing corrupt or broken file with a new one.
If you are facing the system32.dll error with a particular program then the best possible solution would be to reinstall the program.
Restore factory settings- If you are unable to remove this error even after repeated attempts then you can restore your PC to original factory settings. You can switch back to factory settings by following given instructions. Go to “Start” -> ”All Programs” -> “Accessories”-> “System Tools”-> “system Restore”.
Finally make sure that you don’t get any malware or Trojan from internet on your system by installing an anti-malware program.

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