Friday, June 24, 2011

How to fix win.exe missing file error

Win.exe is a virus or a Trojan (malware) that creeps into your system via spam e-mails or through certain websites. This virus is extremely harmful for your system as it pulls along many other viruses from the net on to your system or it gets forwarded to other people through forwarded e-mails. This virus can also give an unauthorized access of your computer which may lead to information leak or data theft.

This virus may sit on your system by some file name or at any location which might not get noticed. This virus might go undetected and to remove it, you need a decent antivirus software.

You can remove this virus by the following two ways:-

First Method
  1. Open task manager by pressing CTRL+ ALT+DEL
  2. Click on the Processes
  3. Choose the task running with Win.exe name and then end the process to kill it.
Second Method
  1. Go to Start then click Search
  2. Then click on All files and Folders, there type in win.exe
  3. Infected files appear on your screen, right click on them and press delete.
You can also remove this virus by booting your PC in safe mode. Once you have removed this virus make sure that you have installed good anti-virus software and remember to scan your PC with it and keep updating your anti-virus regularly

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