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Looking for new youtube downloader?

Have you found problem downloading any youtube video lately? it maybe due to admin restriction to video which are copyrighted by giant music and movie companies.It seems that the campaign of companies that are trying stop the proliferation of illegal downloads over the net are gaining grounds, this is the reason why Limewire company has already has a court order to cease and decease their operation until such case be resolve.

But If you are one of those who love to download music and video for free, I recommend this software. Its not just performs video download it also convert video to any format you want. Its a nice find!

Download Here: Youtube Downloader

Tune Up Utility At Its Best

Hello to all my readers, just recently I discovered a high performance utility software that is easy to install and maneuver, yet it has robust performance.
Try it and you will be satisfied of its performance, the software not just tweak your systems performance, it has a lot of additional features.
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Download Tuneup Utility

My Favorite Anti-Virus Programs(Software Freebies)

From my previous post,I note the importance of having a good anti-virus on one's system,I now post my favorite anti virus programs based on performance and its a 3 program download.

After installing any of the program make sure to update the virus pattern, then full scan your system. Regular full scanning of one's PC is recommended at least once a month, sometimes malware, trojan, rootkits, slip on one's system unnoticed and will activate when certain conditions exist.


Click link to download!


Software Freebies Part 4

Everyday on the net we stumble on a lot of many PC utilities that promise to speed up one's system but came short once you install it,but today I will share a very useful software that will really help speed up things on your PC.

Its a 4 program package and you have to install it separately, the program designed is very user friendly and its best for users who are not really familiar in manual tweaking.

It defrags, clean registry, look for missing drivers,clean unwanted files and many more.

Here's the link guys, Enjoy!

SpeedUpMy PC

My favorite utilities and apps(Part 1)!

I want to share to you a few of my favorite applications and utilities(all files are tested virus free):

1. Limewire Pro - Limewire is a free file sharing program, which allows individual users on the Internet to make music, video and other files available for direct access by other users. It also allows a user to search for desired content on other users' computers and download those files.

Unlike the now-defunct Napster, no centralized server or website is used to store files. Limewire directly transfers files from the hard drive of one user (peer) to the hard drive of another user, hence the term "peer-to-peer" or P2P file sharing is used. Given that understanding, it's more accurate to say that a file is being "transferred" instead of "downloaded" in the context of P2P applications.

It allows you to share or access any file type such as MP3 (music), AVI/MPEG (video), JPG (photo), etc. Because it is written in the cross-platform Java programming language, it will run on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and other operating systems.

Click here to download LIMEWIRE(PRO)

2. Total Video Converter - a complete solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing all kinds of video and audio formats and converting them to the popular video formats.

Main features of Total Video Converter are to convert all kinds of videos to mobile videos or audios (mp4, 3gp, xvid, divx mpeg4 avi, amr audio) which are used by cell-phone, PDA, PSP, iPod;Photos slide show combines multi-photos and musics with more than 300 photos fantasy transition effect;high compatibility and high efficiency for Importing RMVB or RM video/audio;convert various videos to MPEG videos compatible with standard DVD/SVCD/VCD;burn the converted videos to DVD/SVCD/VCD;rip DVD to popular videos of all sorts;extract audio from various of videos and convert which to all kinds of audios (mp3, ac3, ogg, wav, aac);RIP CD to audios of all sorts directly.

It has own video player that support almost all popular formats.

Click here to download TOTAL VIDEO CONVERTER

3. SSCServe - An Epson printer utility use to reset its ink counter back to 0, Epson inkjet printers are design to stop operation when its ink head counter reach to its maximum,its purpose is to avoid the waste ink pad to overflow at the same time you can perform general cleaning on the unit.

But more often waste ink counter expires even if the waste ink pad of your printer still not full, so you don't need to clean or replace it.Just install this utility, look for the waste ink reset feature and click reset the counter to 0, turn off and turn on the printer, your printer is back in business(supposedly).

A sign that ink counter reach to its maximum is when power and error LED are alternately blinking when printer is powered on, at some instance status monitor notify you that the printer is for service maintenance.

Click here to download SSCSERVE

Watch out the next batch of my favorite apps and util! Comments are most welcome!

Useful Freebies (Part 3)

Keep Tube Program

Love watching videos at You Tube and want to keep it in your harddrive or burn in CD's? here's a program that can download FLV files from the net to your PC.

KeepTube is a quirky, somewhat amateurish program. English is fractured throughout, the interface is non-standard, and the startup page of the program is festooned with Google Ads--presumably how the free program supports itself. (The program does not appear to install any adware on your system, however.) You can use the limited built-in browser to navigate to YouTube (no other sites are supported yet, but the home page promises that KeepTube will support other "famerous" sic Web sites soon), find a video, and click the "Download" button. KeepTube then saves it, with speeds depending on your Internet connection. It supports multiple concurrent downloads, so you can keep selecting videos and saving them.


Useful freebies for downloads(Part 2)!

Here's the continuation of my useful software utilities for downloads!

Speedfan Utility
Operating System:Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista

SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. SpeedFan can even access S.M.A.R.T. info for those hard disks that support this feature and show hard disk temperatures too, if supported. SpeedFan supports SCSI disks too. SpeedFan can even change the FSB on some hardware (but this should be considered a bonus feature). At the lowest level, SpeedFan is a hardware monitor software that can access digital temperature sensors, but its main feature is that it can change fan speeds (depending on the capabilities of your sensor chip and your hardware) according to the temperatures inside your pc, thus reducing noise.
Click the link below to download file:

Useful freebies for downloads (Part 1)

Its been a busy weekend for me and I did not have much time to write anything. Today I am introducing a new feature in my blog, its about introducing useful Windows utilities available for downloads. These utilities are featured based on functionality and useability in enhancing system performance.
Note: All featured softwares were tested functional and virus free.

Download No.1: Auslogics Registry Program
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Its a registry defragmenter utility, it tells you if your registry is fragmented or not, its user-friendly and it automatically create a restore point before it will attempt to defrag your registry .The developer claims that it will provide significant speed in accessing your system registry after defragmenting.

Click this link to download file:

Download No. 2: Spyware Terminator(Highly-Recommended)

Spyware Terminator includes Real-Time Protection, HIPS, and antivirus. Effectively remove spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, home page hijackers, and malware threats even dangerous threats like Look2Me, BetterInternet, VX2, and CWS. Spyware Terminator is easy-to-use, requires minimal PC resources, and performs ultra fast scans. Protect your computer with powerful real-time protection shield, advanced system scanning and safe quarantine for found spyware. Scan your computer manually or schedule full system sweeps. Perform in-depth scans of your computer's hard drives, memory, process, registry and cookies to seek out and remove all known spyware threats. Includes optional Web Security Guard which displays website reviews and threat level to help identify potentially dangerous Web sites.

Click this link to download file: